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Arma 3 Scripting Guide

By: David Stoček

Welcome to my webpage.

I created this webpage for people who want to learn something about Arma 3 Scripting and Mission editing.

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Most of the basics here have nothing to do with actual scripting, but offers lots of useful information on mission editing for absolute beginners using Triggers, Modules, etc..

Modules are basically pre-made scripts made into Assets. They are very easy to use even for someone who never wrote a single line of code. So that's why the rest of the page will be talking about individual Modules. Completed with video tutorial/showcase.

Gamemodes are pre-made scripts that make and change missions of the game.


I this part we are going to show you how to do Arma 3 scripting.

From the simple Basics to really complicated Scripts.

Configuration scripts are written into the description.ext file

The Description.ext is used to set the overall mission attributes or to define global entities that will be available for other scripts. It is placed in the mission root folder and uses the same syntax as the config.cpp file, but supports only a limited number of config classes.

During mission editing and addon editing, you may come across situations where actions or features you would like to have in your mission or addon cannot be accomplished using the basic (or even the more advanced) capabilities of the mission editor or within config files (in the case of addons). Some examples of this might be really cinematic cutscenes in missions or special animations for an addon.

The solution to this is to take advantage of the game engine's ability to call on an even more advanced feature known as scripting. Arma's scripting language gives you more direct control of core game features. With any combination of these commands and functions, you can create custom processes that meet the specific needs of your mission or addon.

How To

In the How to page we will show you mostly new types of gamemodes.


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